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8 01, 2018

Dreaming of Mexico in the Spring?


I know i am… Las Palmeras Surf Camp is still offering 15% off your 2018 trip to Salina Cruz, Oaxaca, Mexico if you book before the 15th of January. If you are interested, get in touch with Josh Mulcoy via phone at 831-588-1306 or email at Looking forward to getting waves like this in the Spring of 2018!

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2 10, 2017

October Discounts Las Palmeras – From $150 per day!


Swells are lining up again in the South Pacific for October!

Looking at the models, October is looking like the new prime time for south swells.

The WAM shows decent sized south swells starting at the end of the week with possible good waves for Saturday with a wind shift from North to Southwest (offshore). There are multiple lows out in the South Pacific and it looks like decent sized surf for Mexico for the next few weeks.

First swell is forecasted to be starting around Wednesday with buoys at 3ft 20 seconds. This swell peaks Friday the 6th with bouys at 5ft 19 seconds. Swell drops into the weekend with more activity and better wind starting Saturday / Sunday 7th and 8th of October.

Low tides are in the mornings right now, with the lowest tides this weekend around 10am.

Schools back in session, crowds are mellow, sand is still hanging in there. This is good window to make a move!

Get in touch with us if you want to come down and enjoy Mexico this October.

Packages for October

1 surfer: $165.00 (US Dollars)  per person
2 surfers + $150.00 (US Dollars)  per person

Let’s Go!

For more information on reports, flights and pricing please contact Josh Mulcoy


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5 09, 2017

Mexico: Strike Mission Alert


South Swells are lining up big time for September

I have been following a series of storms in the South Pacific, and looking at the models, the start of September could be very interesting for Mexico and Central America. Right now there are 3 solid swells showing up on the WAM with a possible XL swell around the 15th of September.

Wind looks light and variable for Salina Cruz at the moment with best window starting the 10th of September, and really clean on the 12th and 13th with low tides are in the middle of the day starting on the 8th and working back to early mornings by the 15th of September.

Las Palmeras Surf Camp is currently offering package discounts of 10% off for groups of 1 and 2 people and 15% off for groups of 3 or more.

Packages for September:

5 day package for 1 – 2 surfers: $950.00 (US Dollars)  per person
7 day package for 1 – 2 surfers:: $1350.00 (US Dollars)  per person

5 day package for 3+ people would be: $865.00 (US Dollars)  per person
7 day package for 3+ people would be: $1160.00 (US Dolars)  per person

5 day package for 6+ people would be: $825.00 (US Dollars)  per person
7 day package for 6+ people would be: $1095.00 (US Dollars)  per person

If you are interested get in touch with me via phone or email:

Let’s get you down there.

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22 08, 2017

September Sessions – 10% Discount Las Palmeras


September Sessions Promo – 10% OFF

What a summer we have had! – Back to back to back swells, clean conditions, good sand and epic times here in Salina Cruz, Oaxaca at Las Palmeras Surf Camp.

We are offering a promotion for the month of September:

Book now and get a 10% discount off of the normal price for you and your group. Let’s Go!

Current forecast looks good as well roll out of August and into September. Sand bars are set up at the points still. The last swell pattern due to the direction actually brought sand back.

We currently have space for your group so if you are interested in booking a strike mission or a planned trip get in touch with Josh and he can help you assess conditions, flights and other variables and book your trip.

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14 08, 2017

Scott Chapman Trip to Las Palmeras


Santa Cruz’s Scott Chapman just got back from a trip to Las Palmeras Surf Camp during that last swell and scored some pretty epic waves. Was super stoked to hear he scored down there.I am always happy when I send a client on a mission and it works out. Thanks for rallying Scott!

Good people, good waves good times! Just got back from Las Palmeras on Saturday. Scored some really good waves! There was a lot of swell and wind the first night and second day, but then it settled down a bit and turned on. Great sand at Canejo and especially Chivo! Took a boat ride and scored another spot. Can’t wait to get back! Scott Chapman

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14 07, 2017

July Sessions Las Palmeras


Really stoked to see my friends scoring down at Las Palmeras Surf Camp over the last few weeks. The waves have been firing, with constant swell and good sand. Looking forward to making a run down there towards the end of July. Who’s going? Salina Cruz, Oaxaca, Mexico. Let’s go…

Good Crew, Las Palmeras Surf Camp, Salina Cruz

Boat tripping Salina Cruz, Las Palmeras Surf Camp

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11 04, 2017

Las Palmeras in April


Just got back from an epic trip to Las Palmeras Surf Camp in Salina Cruz, Oaxaca. We had good waves for 3 of the 6 days and fun surf the rest of the time. It was so epic to see my good friends David and Karla’s dream come true of opening up their own surf camp on the beach at Playa Brasil. So stoked for them and can’t wait to get back down there hopefully in May! Let’s go!

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19 02, 2017

Mexico Season Begins


Well sorta…

Las Palmeras had it’s first swell this last week with fun waves and good conditions. Sandbars still have some holes but a few more swells and it will be on. Looking forward to making it down sooner than later to the new camp.

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28 06, 2016

Team Texas in Salina Cruz


Stole these photos from the Las Palmeras Blog, who stole it from Facebook from some of our clients, who have been absolutely scoring down there… Can’t wait to go back. Who wants to go?













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23 06, 2016

Glassy Days Las Palmeras Surf Camp


Pulled this off of the blog from Las Palmeras this morning. Looks like the Texan Crew is scoring some good ones over the past few days. Lots of swell coming… Let’s go!



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