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10 01, 2018

Camp Asu is Now on the Point


Our good buddy Earl over at Camp Asu has been busy…

Here is a recent email he just sent to us about the new goings on over at Camp Asu. Check it out!

Hey Josh! Yes, we are now right on the point in front of the takeoff at Asu. Our old place is right in front of the last 1/4 of the wave looking up the point, our new place is right in front of the first 1/4, the take off, and looks down the wave as it peels away. It’s a really exciting point of view, puts you right in front of the main take off when you are on the beach and you can still see the entirety of the wave, but it really puts you in an intimate location with the takeoff. It’s very exciting.

The energy on our new land is amazing. Building under a high canopy of old coconut trees, we are right on the point, so we have the wave straight out front and to the right and then the sunset to the left. In our old place, out at the beach, we looked directly into the sunset to see the surf, the new place is much easier on the eyes. We are also still the only camp where you can wake up in your bed, sit up and see the surf out the window. This is one of my favorite things about Asu, to wake up and be right in front of it. I can’t live anywhere else anymore…

Right now we are starting in March by accommodating up to 6 guests in my spacious 3 bedroom house, I am calling it the Big House for now. My wife and kiddo are living in Bali for the season, so it’s just me and them, looking for the best surf of the day. We have 3 rooms. A master bedroom with a queen size and a single bed with attached ensuite bathroom. The second room has 2 single beds and the bath is a shared bath not attached. The third room is a spacious second story loft with one queen size bed and 2 single beds. There is a spacious living room and small kitchen and breakfast nook.

We are building a separate kitchen and dining room with an area for ping pong and foosball will allow people to have some additional space to spread out. There will be a TV there for slideshows of surf pics and the daily surf report where i post up screen shots of the daily Bouyweather reports and forecasts.

The first of 3 private and stand alone 2 person bungalows will be done in May. They can be set up with 2 single beds or one queen size bed. The second bungalow will be done in September, and the last one will probably only be in operation by next season. These bungalows will have the option for using AC for an additional fee. We are also building a big common area/game area and then a gym but those are likely not to get finished until 2019. Come on out!

Check the photos below of the new camp right on the left point of Asu:

Camp Asu is Now on the Point2018-01-10T23:02:36+00:00
24 05, 2016

Asu Juice


Another epic shot from Camp Asu! Looks like Indo is having an epic season so far this year.


Asu Juice2016-12-14T03:14:19+00:00
18 05, 2016

Another round of photos from Asu Camp


Earl sent us some more photos this morning from Asu. Glassy and firing, no one around! Let’s go…




Another round of photos from Asu Camp2016-12-14T03:16:20+00:00
28 03, 2016

End of March Update Asu


Update from Earl in Asu: “My friend Guido has been here for the last 7 days, we’ve surfed everyday in 3-6′ offshore surf, just going off, with no more than 3 other people in the water, most sessions have been just us.

Here’s some pics. (See below)

There’s still spaces in the first and last week of April, but then it goes high season and back to full price. There is still time to get over there at a discounted rate of $1000.00 US for 10 Days, so if you are interested, let’s go!












End of March Update Asu2016-11-21T21:02:58+00:00
15 09, 2015

September Sessions Asu Camp


Earl sent these pictures from Asu today… Looks like our buddy Brian is scoring! Indo fires in September. Who wants to go?




September Sessions Asu Camp2016-11-21T21:03:00+00:00
2 07, 2015

Asu Dreaming Take 02


Our buddy Earl sent some more magic shots from Asu today. Here is one…

Secret Left 1 Sickness

Asu Dreaming Take 022016-11-21T21:03:01+00:00
1 09, 2014

Asu… are you kidding me?


And you thought Asu was just a left… Check out Earl shredding an absolutely perfect right. Secret location name withheld. Not far from Camp Asu. Lets go… Still plenty of time for Indo this season. Yeah Earl!

Earl Sullivan at Camp Asu

Earl Sullivan at Camp Asu

Earl Sullivan at Camp Asu

Earl Sullivan at Camp Asu

Asu… are you kidding me?2016-11-21T21:03:09+00:00
16 06, 2014

Secrets from Asu


Our friend Earl is tantalizing us with a secret left slab he has found. No official coordinates have been given just yet. Want to go? Hit up Mulcoy Travel and we will make it happen.



Secrets from Asu2016-11-21T21:03:12+00:00


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