19 02, 2019

Early Asu


Earl’s updates!

Earl just sent us these images from his first session of the year at Asu Camp. No one out, glassy, overhead lefts pumping down the point. Want a spring time escape? Asu might be the spot to go to. Let us know if you are interested. We are offering some great deals right now to get you over to Asu.

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22 02, 2018

Asu Updates from Earl


Asu Season Begins…

Just got an email from Earl. He is headed out to Asu to begin the Indonesian surf season going. Swell is on the way, water is 80, slack winds at the moment. Sounds pretty inviting to me after driving the last two days in snow… Who want’s to get over there? Let’s go…

Asu Updates from Earl2018-02-22T19:18:13+00:00
7 02, 2018

ASU View from the Bungalow


Earl sent through this photo of Asu taken from his bungalow right on the point. Pretty epic afternoon view I must say… Ready to go? Season opens March first!

ASU View from the Bungalow2018-02-07T00:21:52+00:00
22 01, 2018

Secret Right Asu Camp


1.5 feet 15 seconds was hitting over the weekend at Asu Camp, which is not big enough for the secret right featured in these photos, but what it does mean is that Earl surfed perfect chest high lefts all weekend ALONE… Man, how fun does this right hander look? This is Earl’s secret right he found and wants to take you there! Ready to go? I sure am. Indonesian prime time surf season starts in just about a month. Who want’s to go?

Secret Right Asu Camp2018-01-22T17:40:28+00:00
17 07, 2017

Asu Anyone? July and it’s going off


Just got a text message from Earl over on the epic Isle of Asu a few minutes ago, talking about glassy, double over head rifling lefts all afternoon with a secret mission to the right in the morning. It’s windy and flat here… Anyone want to go? Pretty easy choice if you have the time. Hit us up if you want to make the mission happen.

Asu Anyone? July and it’s going off2017-07-17T23:00:32+00:00
29 04, 2017

Asu Camp Video


Earl just sent us this epic little video he just finished up from Asu Camp. Season has already been producing! Tom is going back! You should give it a gander and think about planning a trip to the uncrowded lefts (and rights!) of Asu Camp. Let’s Go!

Asu Camp Video2017-04-29T05:30:04+00:00
27 05, 2016

Brian is going back to Asu


Super stoked to lock in some dates for a return client who wants to go back to Asu.

I don’t think people realize what a gem of a camp Earl has over there deep in Indonesia. Hoping to get there again one day myself! Let’s Go…


Brian is going back to Asu2016-12-14T03:11:27+00:00
18 05, 2016

Another round of photos from Asu Camp


Earl sent us some more photos this morning from Asu. Glassy and firing, no one around! Let’s go…




Another round of photos from Asu Camp2016-12-14T03:16:20+00:00
15 03, 2016

Early Season Asu


Earl just sent these photos of Asu from the last day or so. Apparently its been firing! There is still the Asu promo happening, so if you are looking for a early season Indo vacation this might be a good call. Check it!


Early Season Asu2016-11-21T21:02:58+00:00


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