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3 10, 2014

Camp Asu Still Firing in October


Earl Sullivan is still scoring over in Indonesia as you can see from this sequence that we stole from his facebook account. Check it out! Glassy and barreling lefts as the season winds down. Still not too late to make a last minute run to Indo! Lets go…






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15 08, 2014

Asu Camp Recon via Tom Brenner


Our friend Tom Brenner just got back from Asu Camp with Earl Sullivan a few weeks back, and here is what he had to say about it. Sure makes me fired up to get back to that area of the world sooner than later! Thanks Tom and Earl.

Asu Camp has just what you need for the perfect surf trip: good food to keep fueled, great waves, and a very gracious staff. Your host and guide, Earl takes the thinking out of your day as well. He has the place dialed and knows where to go based on the wind and swell conditions. With so many quality waves so close, you’re going to surf everyday, no matter the wind or swell. The best part about Asu is it’s remoteness. If you like to get away from crowds, then this is the place. Surfing world-class waves with only a handful of people is about as good as it gets!






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30 06, 2014

Another Gem From Asu Camp


This last mega swell that hit Indonesia has been treating Earl and his guests at Asu very well thank you. Our client Tom has been over there this week and last and has been scoring big time. Check out Earl getting piped on a secret left they have been surfing this season.

Packages to Asu start at 1250US per person for 10 days… Who wants to go?

Earl Sullivan, tubed at Asu Camp, Indo

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