Mark and Daves

Home to one of the most consistent beachbreaks in the Pacific, Mark and Daves offers 5 star resort atmosphere right on the beach at Playa Colorado, Nicaragua.

Wake up in the morning, walk out of your room and view the waves breaking from our tranquil palapa. Sit back an sip your coffee, do Yoga or relax on our sofas. During your stay, home will be in one of five private cabanas, Our home was built by a team of Nicaraguan craftsmen in the traditional style. The ocean front house sits on two acres of immaculate beach front property and offers three incredible waves, and infinity swimming pool & lap pool, and exclusive access to one of Nicaragua’s best golf courses.

Welcome to Nicaragua

Mark and Daves at Playa Colorado

The house’s greatest asset is our massive palapa lounge areas. When you’re out of the surf, you will find yourself relaxing in the palapas 95% of the time, checking out the waves, watching tv, listening to music, swinging in the hammock or chilling out. All of your meals are eaten in the open air, the definition of a core surf trip!

Each “air conditioned” room provides adequate sleeping for two – two “new – pillow top” full beds each with a sense of warmth and identity. Each room comes with a TV/DVD & Ipod stereo dock, private bathroom, sink, toilet, shower, and bath towels. Each room also has a closet and drawers to store clothes and bags.

We encourage our guests to bring down their cell phones with international coverage and computers equipped with Skype to make free or very inexpensive phone calls through our wireless internet connection.

Come down and escape your day to day life. Enjoy the Nicaraguan culture and the beauty of the tropics- turn off your computer and cell phone and immerse yourself into the daily peace and serenity. Sit back in the pool and enjoy a cold drink while watching your friends surf in front of the house. There is nothing better than being in paradise – make the most if it!


The Hacienda

While located at the heart of the Nicaraguan Riviera, the sense of ease and seclusion at Mark and Dave’s is palpable; the “Ocean Front” two-acre Hacienda, stretching out into the Pacific Ocean, offers wonderful panoramic ocean views that compound the tranquility of the property.

The Casita

Down a grass path from “The Hacienda”, you will discover “The Casita”, a circular, palm-thatched building with a traditional thatch roof. While a 20 foot circular wall encases the building, the front of the structure is open with panoramic windows, creating views of the waves and headlands.

The Hacienda Rooms

Centrally located and steps away from “The Hacienda”, four private and individual “air conditioned” guest rooms, with private bathrooms and showers, await you. Each room provides two full size beds, comfortably adequate for sleeping two. Enjoy restful sleep on these amazing pillow top beds.

The Waves

Nicaragua is blessed with an abundance of good waves, offshore winds, and sunny weather almost all year-round. Mark and Dave’s Place is situated in front of the best waves the country has to offer with a climate that averages around 80 degress and water temps that hover between 75 – 85 degrees as well. The surf rarely drops below 2 feet at any time during the year and bigger swell events are likely – up to 8 feet – between April – October.

Instead of searching for waves via boat or on a sketchy 4 wheel drive mission our guests are are already on the most wave fertile beach in Nicaragua… no boat or car required and no reason to go anywhere else! With the wind almost always offshore due to the Lago Nicaragua effect be prepared for a good mix of barrels, beachbreaks, reefs, and points during your visit.

Since Mark and Dave’s place is located directly on the beach you can pick and choose when you want to surf, hang out in the pool, hit up a round of golf, or capture another magical sunset in paradise – we’ve got you covered!


Colorado’s is arguably one of the best beachbreaks in Nicaragua, if not Central America. Any hint of south swell gets funneled into A-Frame peaks groomed to perfection by the constant offshore wind. For most surfers visiting Nicaragua, Colorado’s is only accessible by a lengthy boat ride requiring you to wake up at 5:00am, head to the dock, load up, and head for the break. At Mark and Dave’s you will be able to wake up, enjoy a fresh cup of coffee, rub the sleep from your eyes, and simply look down the beach to get the latest surf report.

The wave itself is a neverending mix of barrels, peaks, sections, and ramps that revolve around the mood of the ocean and tides. No two days are ever the exact same but one thing is for certain, Colorado’s can dish out incredible barrels when the elements come together. Its power will surprise you at times, it is one of the most consistent spots in Central America as well. Be prepared to break a board or two during your visit, but also be prepared to get some of the best rides of your life over one of the best sandbars imaginable!

Ponga Drops

Ponga Drops (aka: Mark and Dave’s) is a deepwater peak that breaks over a relatively tame rock reef. It is an absolute magnet for swell and has the uncanny ability to turn any ripple the Pacific Ocean throws at it into something overhead and rippable. Ponga Drops is more sensitive to stiff offshore winds than surrounding waves because it breaks pretty far offshore; but, with lights winds or no wind at all you should expect a very playful right that breaks all the way through to the inside as well as a mellow left ideal for multiple cutbacks.

Ponga Drops located directly in front of Mark and Dave’s Place and the view you see above is the view you will undoubtedly see during your trip as well. It can hold any size without closing out and has been compared to a tame Sunset Beach in Hawaii crossed with a fun day at Wind and Sea on some of its better days. Best of all your friends can heckle you from our infinity pool as you drop in!

The Right

The Beach stretches for over a mile and is highlighted by Colorado’s and Ponga Drops… Besides these two, superb waves the entire beach has the ability to transform into a very good beachbreak depending on wind, tide, and swell. The area directly out front of Mark and Dave’s Place can get remarkably good on a mixed up swell and the area to the north of the house, next to the cliff you see in the picture above has the ability to fire on any given day as well.

“The Right” down the beach is actually a mellow right pointbreak that hugs the corner of a picturesque rock cliff. The waves here refract and bend around the headland andultimately open up for a very entertaining 50 – 75 yard right that eventually extinguishes itself into a closeout when the rest of the swell catches up to it.

Other breaks in our vicinity that you can access if you decide to rent a truck or let us set up a guide for you include Astellero, Chacosante, Manzanillo, Outer Reef, Playgrounds, Popoyo, Rosada, Santanas, and many more!


  • Our “All Inclusive Package” – covers accommodations, meals, airport transportation and beverages (1.5 cases of beer per guest)
  • We can accommodate groups ranging from 1 to 10+ guests!
  • Group packages start at $1,450+ per person

Trip Details

Your trip will include the following:

You will be greeted by our staff of six upon arrival. Our staff will help you with your day to day needs (Boat Trips, Massages, Zip Line Tours, Volcano, Etc)

  • Airport Greeting and roundtrip transportation (2.5 hours from Managua Airport)
  • Private Transportation (available upon request)
  • Our chef will provide – 3 meals per day, fresh fruit, snacks and appetizers (pre-sunset), water, gatorade, and beer
  • Beach front accommodations w / two private pools on the sand / located directly in front of Ponga Drops Reef and Mark and Dave’s peaks
  • 7 days/7 nights accommodation
  • 24 hour Security
  • Air Conditioned Rooms
  • TV/DVD & Ipod docking stereo in each room / “60 in. Flat screen TV” in the main area with DVD, Satalite (NFL,NBA, and MLB sport packages), and Apple TV (over 40 movies)
  • Access to our private 9 hole golf course (club and golf cart rental available – bring T’s and balls as they are expensive at the pro shop)
  • Purified Bottled Water and Ice
  • Private access to two of the best waves in Nicaragua – Colorado’s & Ponga Drops (Other surfers access by boat or walk 45-60 minutes)
  • Free wireless internet

Beer = 1.5 cases of beer per guest included. Extra Beer, wine and hard alcohol can be acquired through our staff.

Please Note

  • There is a $10.00 VISA fee upon airport arrival
  • Because of our remote location please bring cash… US dollars are accepted in all locations
  • We recommend that each guest brings $500+ for the week

Ready to book?

Fill out our online reservations form to find out availability, or give us a call direct at: 831-588-1306