Although the season is officially over, March is just around the corner. Earl has been posting some really nice pictures of late season Asu Camp Indonesian perfection. Here is a repost of some of his photos. Can’t wait to make it back over there.

From Earl: Blue Rooms Available! 2015 bookings for March – October. Get in where you fit in. Only 6-8 surfers in camp at any time… Asu Camp, the ONLY camp on Asu with a view of the wave. All day, everyday.

asu-02 asu-011957662_298163917036131_6535741340629760783_o 10286779_298164107036112_2322477580669860005_o 10484638_310145255837997_5967812937376718822_o 10498712_309869825865540_120575256321984786_o 10540873_308695975982925_664655180284818357_o 10631188_309869422532247_5206616348342970926_o10669219_307330052786184_7734032175461173981_o 10688033_307329502786239_7065668314920695824_o 10688359_291253917727131_7584763159921171764_o 10714422_290915724427617_7896993231862517828_o 10827929_305038639681992_2084969085033080659_o 10847220_309869125865610_5338997135124858891_o