Salina Cruz has one more week of waves…

We just sent out an email, but we are sending one last alert for 2018. Amazingly, the forecast is still on for this upcoming week.

Check the forecast for this week in Southern Mexico. If you are looking for one last mission for south swells in Salina Cruz, come on down. Winds are light and variable till Saturday with consistent bumps of swell all week. Come down to Las Palmeras Surf Camp for one last run of good swell, good sand, tides and minimal crowds.Low tides are early and late with light north winds at dawn switching to offshore in the evenings. Head high waves, 80 degree water. Sound fun?

Your ideal trip would be to arrive tomorrow and leave Saturday. Prices are $150.00 per day. Current ticket prices on Expedia from LAX are around $670.00

Get down here!

Looking to go boardless? Check out AWAYCO for boardless travel options to Salina Cruz