Las Palmeras has space – September / October 2023

As our season draws to a close, the sand is filling in after the last few sizable swells and conditions although variable are looking fun for the end of September and into October. Are you thinking about a quick strike mission to Salina Cruz and Las Palmeras Surf Resort before winter kicks in in North America? We have room and would love to see you down here.

We have had another amazing season of swell for 2023. Our season started early this year with good surf through March and not many windows of flatness. Last year our season lasted until November amazingly enough and we are hoping for the same in 2023. October in November are when we can finally relax a bit and enjoy the solitude of late season Salina Cruz.

If you are interested in getting down here please reach out. The forecast looks decent for the next few weeks.

Ready to book?

For booking information please contact Josh Mulcoy

David, Karla, Dylan y Zion