7 06, 2019

Summertime escape to Asu


Indian Ocean Season is in Full Swing

Earl over at Asu Camp reports that the Indian Ocean has been pumping. Glassy days filled with solid swell have the crew surfing out front at Asu, as well other secret locations.

Looking for a summer trip? Asu might be the perfect spot for you.

These current slots are available:

June 10th -18th – 2 people
July 23rd -Aug 2nd – 4 people
August 2nd – 12th – 6 people
Sep 27th – October 15th – 4 people
Oct 15th – October 31st – 6 people

Get in touch with Josh and lets make it happen.

Josh Mulcoy

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22 01, 2018

Secret Right Asu Camp


1.5 feet 15 seconds was hitting over the weekend at Asu Camp, which is not big enough for the secret right featured in these photos, but what it does mean is that Earl surfed perfect chest high lefts all weekend ALONE… Man, how fun does this right hander look? This is Earl’s secret right he found and wants to take you there! Ready to go? I sure am. Indonesian prime time surf season starts in just about a month. Who want’s to go?

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15 12, 2015

Las Palmeras 2016


David and Karla from Las Palmeras Surf Camp just sent through these photos of the construction project on the beach. It is going to be amazing to be right on the water in between Punta Chivo and Punta Conejo. If all goes well they should be open for the 2016 season on the beach.






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23 11, 2015

Missed this by 1 week


This is a good example of why surf trips can never be predicted. I bought a ticket to go down to Las Palmeras Surf Camp towards the middle of October, and ended up cancelling my ticket due to predicted bad winds. A couple of clients were troopers and headed down even with the predicted North winds and scored a super rare spot that turned on with full tube rides across a random headland. We went the following week with good winds and swell, but this spot was done. Sand had changed, bar was gone. Sometimes you got to just go with the flow. Mother nature always wins.


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21 05, 2014

The Cradle of Storms


The Cradle of Storms is now available on iTunes for purchase. I am really proud of being part of such an incredible project, and even more amazed to have scored such amazing surf in a truly amazing place. In an essence, this is the goal of Mulcoy Travel, to get you to places you have always wanted to go. Thank you to Surfer Magazine for all your support.


Preview or buy the movie here:

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