18 12, 2018

Las Palmeras 2019 10% discount


Book your 2019 trip to Las Palmeras before February 1st and get a 10% discount

Already thinking about a warm water escape for 2019?

Then Salina Cruz, Oaxaca should be on your radar.

Pricing goes back to regular rates starting the 1st of February. Book now and get 10% off your package for all trips in 2019. Las Palmeras Surf Camp opens March First, 2019. (Earlier if there is swell!) Let’s go!

Come down and surf our sand bottom points here at Las Palmeras Surf Camp with your friends.

Discounted Packages (Ends 02/01/19)

Las Palmeras Surf Tours – Salina Cruz 5 night package

  • 1 – 2 surfers (shared surf tours): USD $970 USD $870 per person
  • 3 – 5 surfers (shared surf tours): USD $910 USD $820 per person
  • 6+ surfers (shared surf tours): USD $865 USD $780 per person

Las Palmeras Surf Tours – Salina Cruz 7 night package

  • 1 – 2 surfers (shared surf tours): USD $1300 USD $1170 per person
  • 3 – 5 surfers (shared surf tours): USD $1215 USD $1095 per person
  • 6+ surfers (shared surf tours): USD $1150 USD $1035 per person

Las Palmeras Surf Tours – Salina Cruz 10 night package

  • 1 – 2 surfers (shared surf tours): USD $1780 USD $1600 per person
  • 3 – 5 surfers (shared surf tours): USD $1645 USD $1480 per person
  • 6+ surfers (shared surf tours): USD $1560 USD $1410 per person


Please contact Josh Mulcoy for all the information you will need.


Thinking of traveling boardless?

Check out boardless surf travel with AWAYCO. Awayco has over 50 boards stashed at Las Palmeras Surf Camp, with affordable options for insane equipment.

All photos and video stills via Patrick Trefz

Early season magic from 2018

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16 11, 2018

No Crowds…does it really exist??? Asu Camp


This is an article that Earl from Asu Camp wrote. His words really resonated, and I am re-posting word for word. Read on!

What do we mean when we say that you can surf Asu and our surrounding breaks with NO CROWD? As the world surfing population skyrockets, with surfers coming from nations that don’t even boast a single kilometer of coastline, can surf destinations like Indonesia really offer the same vibe that was found in the water 40 years ago?

Well, let’s define what a crowd is…

I have been spending a lot of time in Bali the last 2 seasons, surfing Uluwatu with maybe 100 heads lined up almost shoulder to shoulder from the Racetrack up to Temples. I have spent many sessions down at our famous neighbor Lagundry Bay, Nias with 40 people on a takeoff the size of a helicopter pad. I have surfed Mundaka with more than 60 people in the water, Pipeline with 40+…the list goes on. I am familiar with crowds and in my opinion a crowd is a defined by multiple people paddling for the same wave. A crowd is a group of surfers, sitting shoulder to shoulder, yet not recognizing one another, not respecting one another, not lining up to share the bounty that the ocean delivers. Why? Because let’s face it, most of us are in this for ourselves, many of us on our dream trip of a lifetime and trying to make the most of it. Some of us just think that we surf so good we have the right to these waves over others that don’t surf so good. Some of us just plain don’t understand the basic principles of the surfing code and brotherhood and sisterhood that goes with it.

At Asu, we find that the adage ‘bad roads bring good people’ most often rings true. We are far, it takes a lot of time and effort to get out to the Hinakos. Not as much as it used to, but still, we are off the beaten path. So that means that most of the surfers that come all the way out to our neighborhood are here for the same thing. Sharing a truly good vibe and sharing the bounty.

The lineup at Asu is normally 0-10 people. Most of those people know each other’s names and have established a relationship at some level, they are not pretending that the other doesn’t exist, they are not wearing blinders so that they can pretend the guy sitting 1m to their inside isn’t there to catch the next set wave that comes in.

Ours is a lineup of respect, of sharing, of caring, basic human principles that can engage each of us on the same goal, to have fun and share waves. So when we say that we don’t have crowds out at Asu, we mean that you are most likely to find yourself surfing with 4-10 other like-minded surfers. We also have 9 other breaks in our area, that we surf mostly by ourselves when we take the boat out. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of pulling up to an empty lineup.

So, if you’re keen to catch that feeling of what it was like to surf Indonesia 40 years ago, before the hoards of surfers invaded Bali and the big name spots with well trodden paths and cheap accommodations, then give Asu Camp a try. Come and feel the peace in our place, share the bounty that exists in our lineups, and make meaningful friendships with kindred spirits who from the great reaches of our crazy connected planet, find themselves sharing waves with complete strangers turned friends.

Let’s go!

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5 11, 2018

Last Call for Salina Cruz – $150 per Day


Salina Cruz has one more week of waves…

We just sent out an email, but we are sending one last alert for 2018. Amazingly, the forecast is still on for this upcoming week.

Check the forecast for this week in Southern Mexico. If you are looking for one last mission for south swells in Salina Cruz, come on down. Winds are light and variable till Saturday with consistent bumps of swell all week. Come down to Las Palmeras Surf Camp for one last run of good swell, good sand, tides and minimal crowds.Low tides are early and late with light north winds at dawn switching to offshore in the evenings. Head high waves, 80 degree water. Sound fun?

Your ideal trip would be to arrive tomorrow and leave Saturday. Prices are $150.00 per day. Current ticket prices on Expedia from LAX are around $670.00

Get down here!

Looking to go boardless? Check out AWAYCO for boardless travel options to Salina Cruz

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29 10, 2018

Mini Earl and Asu in October

Earl and his son at Camp Asu, Indonesia

Earl and his son at Camp Asu, Indonesia. October Magic did not disappoint! Looking for a off the grid trip? Asu Camp has totally new facilities and is open through November!

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28 10, 2018

November Strike Alert: Dia de Los Muertos


Late Season Sandbars & Swell…

Come Celebrate Dia de Los Muertos en Oaxaca, Mexico!
October was all time this year: Waves, epic sand and good winds. Amazingly, November is starting off the same way. Come down to Las Palmeras Surf Camp for some amazing culture and fun waves. We are looking at a nice bump of southern-hemi swell and good winds starting Tuesday, October 30th. Clean conditions will prevail at least until the 3rd of November, possibly longer as the models are changing. Normally the camp closes on the first of November, but David and Karla are going to stay open for Dia de Los Muertos and this next run of swell.

I just got back from Salina Cruz yesterday and was stoked to surf clean, head high waves for three days with the locals. Upcoming tide windows will be early and late, and sand is exceptional. I wish I could have stayed…

Where would you rather be celebrating Dia de Los Muertos than Salina Cruz, Oaxaca, Mexico? Let’s go!

Surf Las Palmeras | November Swell Alert
Surf Las Palmeras | November Swell Alert
Surf Las Palmeras | November Swell Alert
Surf Las Palmeras | November Swell Alert
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19 10, 2018

Asu October Magic


Looking for some late season magic! Indo is still firing. Asu Camp is holding perfect late season lefts (and rights) and you should go!

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19 10, 2018

Las Palmeras Clips March 2018


Here are a couple of clips filmed by David Ramirez from Late March, 2018 down in Salina Cruz, Oaxaca, Mexico at Las Palmeras Surf Camp. The surfers are Surfer Photographer Grant Ellis, Aaron Bierman and Josh Mulcoy. Enjoy!

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15 10, 2018

Josh Mulcoy Sand Point Hound in Salina Cruz


October is not dissapointing down in Salina Cruz this year! Who want’s to go? Looks like another swell around the 18th. Crossing my fingers for good winds… Las Palmeras Surf Camp, Salina Cruz, Oaxaca, Mexico.

Josh Mulcoy Sand Point Hound in Salina Cruz2018-10-15T20:55:03+00:00
5 10, 2018

October Surgical Strike Alert: Salina Cruz


Looking for a strike to Salina Cruz?

October is looking stellar for Mexico. Multiple southern-hemi swells are backing up in the South Pacific, sending multiple pulses towards Salina Cruz. Combined with good wind patterns and good sand, the waves will be firing starting around the 8th of October. This run could go late into the month if the weather patterns hold.

Looking for a trip down to Salina Cruz this October? Let’s go…

For more information about this upcoming run of surf, get in touch with Josh Mulcoy about a Surgical Strike this October:

Looking to go boardless? Check out AWAYCO for boardless travel options to Salina Cruz

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15 09, 2018

Asu in September


Earl is begging you to come surf with him! Literally…

Earl over at Asu Camp is making a last minute push to get some people to come out and visit him and surf some epic lefts (and rights if the conditions permit) and he is really slashing prices down to get you to come surf with him. Let’s go! Remember the classic film “September Sessions” filmed by Jack Johnson in Indonesia back in the day? Go watch it and imagine yourself surfing uncrowded, aqua blue, warm water waves far far away…

Availability for Asu in September and October:

The Sunrise Room in the Big House available for:
September 17th – 27th

Two 2 person bungalows available for:
September 25th – October 5th
October 21st  – October 31st

Sunset and Sunrise Rooms in the Big House available:
October 14th – October 31th

These dates can easily push into November as well if conditions continue to produce quality waves.


$850.00 USD for 10 nights/11 days – (normally $1250.00 USD)

Get in touch with Josh Mulcoy and he will make it happen!

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