I have been traveling to cold and remote locations for the last 27 years of my life. Some trips have been rough, some perfect, but none of them will I ever forget. Spending so much time in these types of locations I have learned the Do’s and Dont’s and how to make the very best of each trip.
Mulcoy Travel is now doing custom surf tours to places such as Alaska. We will be focusing on the the area in the above feature in Surfer Magazine and the movie Within Reach. As surfers we know and understand (sometimes) that perfect surf isn’t always there, but one guarantee on a trip to Alaska is that the adventure is as important as much as the surf.  To be that little person lost in a huge world with gigantic snow capped mountains around is as exhilarating as finding perfect waves.
If you are interested in joining me on one of these trips, please get in touch so details can be worked out. Perfect surf cannot be guaranteed, but adventure can.
Josh Mulcoy

All photos by Mark Mcinnis and Mike Cochran

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