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On the north coast of the DR

You will find a bounty of waves, from beachbreaks, to reefs and points, guaranteed to find will find a wave to your liking. It blows offshore most mornings then comes around as side shore trade winds which is great for kiting. There is an airport (Samana (AZS)) that is 30 minutes from the Surf Hut and now has flights from the US, making access easy and direct.

We have almost a mile of ocean front property and the closest village is about a 10 minute drive away, so its very removed and you will have the place all to your self.

Welcome to The Dominican Republic!

Benny B’s DR Surf Hut

The primary surf Season in the DR is October to March, but there can be waves all year around. This is not a hard core surf trip! Going to the Dominican Republic is much more of a adventure trip. It is the Caribbean! Amazingly beautful but the surf can be consistent. That being said, there is so much to do here, we guarantee you will have a blast! Space is very limited! Please call to find out current availability.


Out front of the hut is a number of peaks with a reef bottom. Depending on the swell direction it offers fun lefts and rights. The main peak straight out is mostly a right that is great for both surfing and SUP. Its is not a world class wave by any means but for the Caribbean it is a pretty consistent break. It is fairly deep and hard to hit bottom. We also have a few spots near by that are protected from the trade winds better then the spot out front.

The beach break is a 30 minute drive from the Hut which brings you to a long stretch of wide open beach break. When the wind and conditions are right it can be extremely hollow. Another 30 minute drive in the opposite direction you will find numerous reefs and beach breaks that hold all swell sizes.

Check the feature Surfline did on the Dominican Republic and the DR Surf Hut last year here:

Kite spots

We have three Kite spots. Both upwind and downwind of the hut. You can not launch a kite from the land at the hut. There is to much reef and there is only a small keyhole to get in and out of the surf. Just upwind is a big beach with a river mouth where you can launch safely and its a great spot to start a down winder to ride numerous breaks. Further downwind is a giant beach, one of the biggest one the north coast. Its a great place to kite and plenty of room. There is some small shore break spots and great wave riding on the reef outside. The trade winds blow side on most of the time. It picks up a lot of wind but the winds tend to come up later than Cabarete. 30 minute drive in either direction and there are multiple spots to kite also and a great spot for a down winder.

SUP spots

On the smaller days the wave just in front of the hut is great for wave riding on a SUP. There are a number of outer reefs and beaches very close by.

Flat water SUP spots

There are three great flat water SUP spots very close to the property. The river is my favorite. Its about a three hour adventure through the jungle and eventually you end up at a small beach close to the hut. There are also two fresh water springs that have trails all through the mangroves with wild birds and fish everywhere. There are no alligators or crocs in the Dominican Republic.

Ready to go to the Dominican Republic with Ben Bourgeois?

Here’s how each package breaks down:

Day 1: Fly in to POP – Surf or kite that afternoon. Stay the night at The Millennium in Cabaret.

Day 2: Head to the DR surf hut and get settled in for the next 4 days of surfing, SUP, kiting and a deluxe camping adventure on private property.

Day 6: Head back to Cabarete to stay at the Millennium where we will relax and surf or kite. Hit the town on your last night if you desire, or just take it easy and enjoy the Caribean vibes.

Day 7: All flights leave in the afternoon so prepare for a morning surf session, then a little shopping around town and finally head to the airport around 1pm.

Weekly Packages


Your weekly package includes:

  • pick up and drop off at airport
  • Full time driver
  • All meals at the DR surf hut
  • Brand new Stand up paddle boards at your disposal
  • Surf coaching with Benny B
  • Two guides – Benny Bourgouis and a Dominican local with us at all times
  • Full time security guard at the Hut
  • 2 night stay at millennium with a welcome drink
  • Rum and beer while at the DR Surf Hut (beer will always be ice cold)
  • Trips to the many fresh water springs

We are accepting groups of 4 people max! Space is limited

Your weekly package DOES NOT INCLUDE:

  • Dinner or any another meal at Millennium (Cabarete has many options for food)
  • Surfboards and kites are not included (Unless you ride the same dimensions as Benny B!) He has
  • plenty of boards down there)

Extras Available

  • Photographer
  • Golf
  • Fishing trips

Other Activities

Spear fishing, horseback riding, swimming and jumping off the cliffs at the natural springs just minutes from the hut! Pete Dye Golf course is 30 minutes away. This is an incredible course right on the ocean. A 20 minute drive from The hut is the town of Cabrera which is filled with resturants and bars.

More info about the Hut

The hut was hand built by the local people from the near by village. It sleeps four comfortably and has fresh running water. There is no electricity. I call it glorified camping. The hut is at the top of the point and catches a breeze from all angles so it can even get a bit chilly at night. There is also perfect grass areas for camping in a tent if you enjoy that. We have 24 hour security on the property.

For those of you who do not want to stay in the Hut and would prefer a hotel there are two to chose from 10 and 20 mins away that have AC swimming pool etc. We can arrange a driver to pick you up first thing in the am and you can use the Hut as a home base during the day.

You can also dive with the local spear fisherman and see your food being caught or pick a fish out when he comes in and put it straight on the grill.

Some of the surrounding surf breaks are protected from the wind. Most people think DR is blown out but we have a spot that is 30 mins away that has some protection and stays clean even on the windy days.

We do not supply kite equipment or spear fishing equipment or surfboards!


We can arrange breakfast, lunch and dinner at the hut a day in advance.

  • Breakfast is 5 dollars
  • Lunch and dinner is 10 dollars
  • fish and lobster can be a bit more!
  • There are a number of small local style restaurants a short drive away

Getting there

There are two major airports. Puerto Plata [POP] and Santo Domingo [SDQ] Both airports are roughly the same distance from the Hut.

  • Samana AZS is 35 minutes from the hut, but very hard to get flights to here
  • There is a direct flight from JFK
  • Puerto Plata POP is 2 hours to the hut, and you can surf on the way
  • Santo Domingo SDQ is 2 hours to the hut, and probably has the most options

Our driver and guide picks up and drops off all guests!

Ready to book?

Fill out our online reservations form to find out availability, or give us a call direct at: 831-588-1306