Asu Camp, Indonesia

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Ready to go left?

Then you are ready for Asu Camp. (Don’t worry, there’s rights too…)

Welcome to a hidden Indian Ocean swell magnet located on the beautiful island of Asu where we surf 4 lefts and 5 rights in the area.

At Asu Camp prices start at $1250.00 USD per person (based on a 2 person stay for a minimum of 10 nights) and trips are easily organized for arrival/departure on any day of the week. For trips less than 10 nights prices start at $150.00 USD per day per person. For trips longer than 10 nights, just add an $100 additional per night.

Where is Asu?

Asu Island is 1 of 8 small islands in the Hinako Archipelago, 15km west of Nias in North Sumatra, Western Indonesia. There are no roads on Asu, no electricity, and a local population of just 50 people. Come to Asu Camp to experience rural Indonesia, empty lineups with island perfection surf, and perfectly warm equatorial water. Asu is located closer to the deep underwater trenches that efficiently funnel Southwest swell from the Indian Ocean, giving Asu and neighboring Bawa their reputation for very consistent surf.

How do I get to Asu?

Organized transport to Asu is also included in your accommodation and starts from the airport on Nias Island. A car and driver will be waiting for you at the airport (Single traveler airport transport is an additional $125USD round trip). The drive across Nias to the west coast port of Sirombu is approximately 2.5 hours. The speedboat will be waiting for you at the harbor in Sirombu and the crossing to Asu is 30 minutes in good weather conditions.

About Asu Camp

Asu Camp captures the essence of Indonesian outer-island reef surfing crossed with the comforts of modern technology, communications and really good food. Find yourself surfing solo sessions in glassy conditions with perfect waves, no crowds, no hassles, perfectly warm water, and your bungalow, with high-speed wi-fi internet, right in front of the action.

Asu Camp is the only camp with a view of the wave on Asu Island! We are on the point, right in front of the action and the beauty of Asu, for the wave and for the sunset. Asu Camp has the best location on the island, our nearest neighbor is over 1km away, a 15-30 minute walk to check the surf from other camps… Watch the wave all day and be on it when it’s BEST.

With Asu Camp you’ll be surfing the perfect Indonesian waves of your dreams, but without the crowds… You will be surfing from a selection of 9 different waves in the area. Primarily Asu, out the front door, but we also surf 8 other waves, 5 of which are located in the Hinakos and another 3 on nearby West Nias.

Asu is a 200m left hand point break with 3 distinct barrel sections that will present challenges to every level of surfer. The break is situated on the northern tip of a small palm tree fringed island that you can walk all the way around in just 2 hours. In the water, you can watch the energy from the safety of the channel, sit on the shoulder and pick off a few good ones, or get into the bowl on the main take-off and line up some bombs, maybe even backdoor a couple. The choice is yours, get as deep as you like… Come to Asu and experience free-surfing on “the perfect wave without the crowd”.

Asu is located on the western edge of the Indonesian archipelago and is situated closer to the deep water canyons that funnel SW swell from the roaring 40’s of the Indian Ocean. This proximity to the deep water offshore is what has earned Asu/Bawa their reputation for consistently pumping with overhead surf. The Hinako Islands are 10km west of Nias and are made up of 8 islands where we surf 5 different breaks on 3 different islands and one “bombie” or sea mount. Each wave works in different wind directions and swell sizes, so there’s almost always somewhere to surf on any given day.

The water around Asu is blue, blue, blue and sometimes the visibility can be up to 30m when the swell is down, so the snorkeling and fishing around these islands is amazing and is a great way to take a break and spend a day away from small surf. We also have a fitness bungalow for rainy days where we stock yoga mats, dumbbells and weight machines, and have made a space where you can move, stretch, and strengthen your body by cross-training in any weather or surf conditions.


Asu Camp is a single single 3 room bungalow that sleeps up to 7 people maximum capacity. 1 Queen size bed for 2 and 5 single beds available. Amenities include: fans and fitted mosquito nets for each bed, 2 bathrooms with hot water showers, 24 hour generator electricity, good cellular phone reception, high-speed satellite internet and wi-fi. We also have a fitness center with yoga mats, weights, and weight machines. Enjoy access to our collection of books, games, and magazines.


Your stay at Asu Camp includes three delicious meals a day of Indo and western variety, plus plenty of fresh fruit, fruit juices and shakes, snacks, water, coffee, and tea. A bed with mosquito net and blanket, 24 hour generator electricity, a fan for each bed, free laundry service, hot water showers, and high speed satellite internet with wi-fi. Breakfast is a choice of many options of cereal, granola, porridge, eggs any-way-you-like-em’, pancakes, a variety of fresh fruits like papaya, banana, apple, watermelon, pineapple, and mandarin oranges. Fresh juices, smoothies, and shakes from our blender. Cakes and fresh baked breads are comin’ out from the oven. Snacks are available all day between surfs. Prepared lunch and dinner are eaten family style at our dining table. Meals are different everyday with a variety of meats, imported cheeses, olive oil, sauces, and other goodies. The food is not GOOD, it’s GREAT!

Season Dates: March 1st to October 31st
Surfing Ability: Intermediate to Advanced


  • Asu 200m left hand reef point break, best with south winds
  • Bawa (25 mins) 100m deep water right hander, best with west wind
  • Bombie (10 minutes) 60m right hander, best with east wind
  • Mini Bawa (25 mins) 50m right and left hand reef breaks, best with north and east winds
  • Secret Rights (50 mins) 150m right hand reef break, sshhhh… secrets still exist…
  • Secret Lefts (70 mins) 100m left hand reef break, few people know about this one too


A minimum 10 night trip Includes airport transport and speedboat charters to surf other waves and is $125 USD per night. This Includes accommodations, food, and water.

Less than 10 nights is $150.00 per night (includes transportation with minimum of 2 people)

Less than 10 days is $150.00 per night (includes transportation with minimum of 2 people)

Additional costs

  • Beers, tall Bintang bottles = 60,000Rp
  • Sodas, Coke/Sprite = 25,000Rp
  • Photography and Video = $100-$400USD, depending on how much is accumulated
  • Massage = $10/hour

Terms and Conditions

  • 50% deposit required to hold booking
  • 50% payment in Indonesian Rp on arrival in camp

Ready to book?

Fill out our online reservations form to find out availability, or give us a call direct at: 831-588-1306